Couples Intimacy Counseling

Flatirons Counseling Services provides marriage & couples intimacy counseling and therapy for those who are struggling with intimacy – either emotionally or sexually – in their relationship.

A relationship is at its best when a partnership is solidified by the trust and closeness that comes with a strong emotional and sexual bond. When your spouse (or partner) begins to feel more like a friend than a lover, problems can begin to unravel and affect the quality of your relationship.

There are many things that you and your partner can do to rekindle intimacy. This can include:

  • Communication – take the time to talk and share with your spouse
  • Physical touch – a kiss, quick caress, and hand holding can go a long way toward establishing that physical and intimate connection that you don’t share with anyone else
  • Do things together – share adventures, alone time with your partner, and have fun together
  • Say I love you – these three words are powerful enough to change how you and your partner see each other
  • Make eye contact – while we all live busy lives, taking a moment to acknowledge and connect through eye contact shows that you care

Sometimes, a third-party’s perspective can go a long way toward helping with intimacy related issues. Let Flatirons Counseling Services help you.

How Can Flatirons Counseling Services Help with Couples Intimacy Therapy?

Flatirons Counseling Services provides couples intimacy counseling. We’ll help you re-establish a healthy and intimate connection with your spouse or partner. You’ll develop the skills to be more cognizant of the actions that will result in a more connected partnership.

To learn more about how Flatirons Counseling Services can help you with couples intimacy counseling and therapy, contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

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