Grief and Loss Counseling

Flatirons Counseling Services offers grief & loss counseling and therapy to individuals experiencing loss of a loved one.

The death of a family member, child, spouse or loved one is undoubtedly one of the most stressful and traumatic events that one can experience. The emotions that accompany this loss can span from despair and anger to sadness and guilt.

This experience can have a debilitating impact on your personal well-being as it may affect sleep, food intake, and even contribute to physical illness. Bereavement is a natural process that unfolds differently for everyone. Coping, your family, support structure, self-care and health all have an impact on how you adjust to life without a loved one. However, prolonged emotional distress, depression, worsening marital conflict, or extended disruption in your life may be a sign for help.

Should I Seek Help for Grief and Loss?

If you find yourself noticing any of the following, you should seek help from Flatirons Counseling Services:

  • Grief lasting a year or more
  • Major changes in weight
  • Depression and/or suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Prolonged emotional distress

How Can Flatirons Counseling Services Help with Grief and Loss Counseling?

Flatirons Counseling Services’ grief & loss counseling and therapy will help you work through the bereavement process (shock, separation, disorganization, and reorganization) in a comfortable, caring, and patient manner. Your path through this process is unique to you. We stand by to help you complete the grieving process in a healthy manner.

To learn more about how Flatirons Counseling Services can help you with grief and loss counseling, contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

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