Christian Counseling & Therapy

Flatirons Counseling Services understands that as a Christian, you may be more comfortable working with a Christian therapist who shares your beliefs.

Our Christian therapists present a faith-based compassionate approach to therapy and counseling. Our counselors will not only allow you to increase your self-awareness about

your faith but also teach you how to integrate your faith with psychological solutions to meet your particular issues. Our Christian therapists will not only encourage you to exercise the tenets of your faith, but to also build a solid biblical foundation in your life allowing you to integrate a balanced psychological approach to the challenges that you are currently facing in your life.

How Flatirons Counseling Services Can Help You with Christian Counseling Services

Flatirons Counseling Services’ approach to Christian counseling; is a marriage between modern therapeutic models along with a Biblical approach that helps you examine your behaviors in a manner that will lead to a healthier and better life.

Our goal is to help you achieve a spiritual and emotional transformation that can only come as the result of collaboration between the Holy Spirit, yourself, and your Christian therapist. We are committed to helping you achieve your therapeutic goals in a compassionate, safe, and confidential christian environment.

To learn more about how Flatirons Counseling Services can help you with Christian counseling services, contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.

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