Child Counseling & Therapy

Children and teens are often under as much stress as adults, but may lack the skills and experience to cope with these stressors. Adolescents experiencing pressures related to poverty, poor home life, gangs, academic demands, or previous trauma may help influence behavioral and emotional problems, delinquency, truancy, and substance abuse.

Given that adolescence is a tumultuous time, many children get into trouble at some point or another. If your child begins exhibiting deviant behavior like violence, property destruction, theft, substance abuse, there are likely greater issues at hand. The sources for these behaviors can come from a variety of sources; whether it’s problems with parents’ marriage or hostility between family members.

Even if your child isn’t exhibiting delinquent behavior, but is affected by issues like: identity confusion, eating disorders/body image issues, ADHD, promiscuous behavior, self-harm, academic underachievement, depression/anxiety, and sexual assault, behavioral and emotional problems may surface.

Flatirons Counseling Services’ child and teen counseling can address these issues in a collaborative, caring, and empathetic environment that includes effective approaches in cognitive-behavioral therapy. By learning new skills and strategies that allow your child to approach their lives in a more positive manner – whether it’s school, family members, employers, and peers – your child will be equipped with the ability to find better balance in their lives. Flatirons Counseling Services is here to help your child and your family gain understanding of the background issues influencing the problem so that effective solutions can be sought.

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Flatirons Counseling Services also provides Video Counseling (Telemental Health) for your convenience.

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