Marriage Counseling

Welcome to our marriage counseling blog series ? focused on relationships and marriages. Sadly, it is common for most individuals to deal with relationship and marriage distress during some point in their life. There are many factors that can be causing issues in your relationship, such as, a lack in communication or intimacy, codependency, affairs, and more. In this blog series, you will find helpful resources, such as, communication tips, how to strengthen your relationship before marriage, how to rebuild your marriage after an affair, and more. Whether getting engaged is your next step or you are married and would like to better your relationship, this blog series is for you. Learn more.

Should All Couples Use Marriage Counseling Services?

If you think about marriage counseling, you probably imagine a relationship that is breaking down. Perhaps one partner has had an affair, or, perhaps, there is simply no longer a spark. Couples counseling isn’t just for emergencies. It can bring major improvements to all aspects of a relationship, even when there is no imminent crisis. … read more

Improving Communication in Your Relationship with Couples Therapy in Boulder

Over time, couples develop habits and patterns when it comes to communication. Once these have become set, it’s hard to change them. Yet, if those habits are unhealthy, a relationship can decline rapidly. Unhealthy patterns of communication lead to anger, misunderstandings, conflict, and hurt. Whether couples yell, bicker, jump to conclusions or fail to listen… read more

Should I End My Marriage? Or Can Marriage Counseling in Longmont, CO, Help?

Are you trying to decide whether you should get a divorce or stay in your challenging relationship? Marriage counseling in Longmont, CO, could help you to choose.  There are many people who are struggling to cope in unsatisfying marriages. They wonder whether they should continue putting up with the status quo or whether to embark… read more

11 Problems That Marriage Counseling in Erie, CO, Could Help You to Resolve

There are many reasons that couples seek marriage counseling in Erie, CO. However, most counselors will agree that there are a few common themes they encounter whenever couples get marital help. Here are 11 of the most frequently seen issues. Blended Families and Remarriage After a divorce, it’s only natural to have concerns about remarrying.… read more

Flatirons Counseling Services: Benefits Of Professional Counseling

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or another individual battle? Looking to strengthen or rebuild your relationship and/or family unit, or hoping to help your child who is fighting a battle with substance abuse, self-harm, bipolar disorder, or bullying? Or are you simply just ready to live a better life or help your struggling… read more