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Avoiding the Impact of Divorce with Christian Family Counseling

Often, couples who consider divorce fail to recognize the impact on their children. Children can be greatly affected by their parents’ separation. It may affect their relationships, their education, and their behavior. Experts agree constant fighting between couples is harmful to children. When a relationship has completely broken down, staying together just because of the family is not the right choice. In many cases, Christian family counseling can help couples learn better and healthier ways of getting along. This may help the family unit to remain intact in the long run. 

Children and Divorce

There is plenty of research to suggest that children are greatly affected by their parents’ divorce. Children aged 8 or under are especially affected. They struggle to understand what is happening and find it hard to adapt to the changes that inevitably occur. Evidence has shown that children whose parents are divorcing struggle with their social skills and in school. They are also at greater risk of anxiety, poor self-esteem, and loneliness. 

Divorce does not just affect young children. Teenagers, too, feel the impact. Many become rebellious or aggressive. Others find it affects their own relationships. This can have a severe effect on their lives in the long term. It may even result in marital problems of their own in the future.

Is Divorce Always A Problem for Children?

In some cases, parental separation can be the best option for children. In cases of domestic violence, for example, divorce can help children to avoid the long-lasting emotional impact. Even when there is no physical fighting, serious ongoing conflict is also detrimental to children. Threatening behavior, name-calling, and yelling damages children’s development. Children who are living with parents who abuse substances may also be better off if their parents separate. However, that isn’t to say that they won’t experience trauma and distress during the divorce process.

What Should Parents Do if They Are Considering Divorce?

If you are considering divorce and have children, seeking professional Christian family counseling can be very helpful. It is never too late to get help. Family counseling may help couples to reconcile with each other and find healthy ways to address their problems. Even when the relationship does not work out, family counseling helps the family unit stay strong.

A Christian counseling service can help couples to make the right decision about their future. By attending family counseling, they can identify their options and choose the right steps for them. Family counseling can also help the whole family to learn new communication skills. They can also learn how best to function as a unit, whether the parents remain together or not.

With Flatirons Christian family counseling, families can find new and healthy ways to negotiate life together. With the help of our expert counselors, you and your children can find the way forward. Whether you choose to stay together as a couple or not, Flatirons can facilitate your communication as a family unit.