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Should I End My Marriage? Or Can Marriage Counseling in Longmont, CO, Help?

Are you trying to decide whether you should get a divorce or stay in your challenging relationship? Marriage counseling in Longmont, CO, could help you to choose. 

There are many people who are struggling to cope in unsatisfying marriages. They wonder whether they should continue putting up with the status quo or whether to embark on a single life. 

Going through these problems is a difficult time in your life. The immediate actions that you take now could make a huge difference to your future. However, with support from a counselor, you may be able to improve your relationship and make it work. Alternatively, you may decide that ending your marriage is right for you. Either way, that choice is easier to make with help from a trained marriage counselor. 

Marriage counselors are highly trained and experienced in the field of couples’ relationships. While they cannot solve relationship problems, they can facilitate the process of working through them for a happier conclusion. So, how can marriage counseling prove to be beneficial for struggling couples in Colorado?

Looking at What Must Change

It is impossible to repair a damaged marriage until you have identified the nature of the problem. Pinpointing the precise reasons why both of you are unhappy is a good place to start. It is beneficial to draw up a list of essential changes that could make you both happier with your relationship. Whether you are looking for greater independence, a stronger emotional connection or more affection, outlining your needs can be helpful. Once you both understand each other’s needs, you can take steps to address them. A marriage counselor can take you through this process.

Better Communication

If you and your spouse always seem to be shouting at each other rather than talking calmly, counseling can help. By giving you a safe place to discuss your problems and feelings, it’s easier to have an honest conversation. A marriage counselor can help you to start this open discussion and facilitate listening, as well as talking.

Focusing on Personal Changes

It is impossible to force someone else to make changes. However, you can change yourself. Your counselor can help you to set goals for yourself that you can focus on. This can empower you and give you more control over your marital problems.

Reducing Outside Influences

When you are trying to decide whether to save your marriage or end it, outside influences can be disruptive. Family members and friends may offer their own advice. This advice can distract from your own goals. It is important to guard against being influenced by others’ opinions. You may also have hobbies or work that is distracting you and stopping you from focusing on the relationship. A counselor can help you to return your focus to what really matters. Marriage counseling helps you to recognize that your relationship should be your priority. It also gives you the opportunity to put it first with no distractions from elsewhere.

Not Deciding Too Early

Sometimes, people remain in their marriages, even after they have decided to end it. They do this so they can rationalize their decisions. All too often, in such cases, they try to start a fight with their partners. They do this to justify to themselves that their marriages don’t work and that leaving is the best option. 

However, if you have already decided to leave, you will probably view your partner’s behavior in a very different way. Your partner’s behaviors and words are clear proof the marriage will end. Your behavior, too, will change. You will probably be more irritable, less affectionate, and less kind. In return, your spouse will respond in kind. This will only justify your opinion that you are right to end the marriage. 

Rather than searching for reasons to end things, a counselor helps you refocus your energy into making your relationship better. By putting more effort into repairing the damage instead of seeking reasons for leaving, you could make a big difference.

Seeking Professional Support

Marriage counseling in Longmont, CO, can help you find new ways to improve and revitalize your damaged relationship. Whether you seek help as a couple or by yourself, you can find counseling beneficial. Here at Flatirons Counseling, our skilled team is highly trained in all elements of relationship counseling. We can take you through the process of identifying the issues in your relationship. We can help you refocus your energies on repairing your marriage rather than ending it if that’s what you want. It’s our role to be the listening ears and the discussion facilitators. We can’t make the decision for you, but we can help you to reach the right choice for you. 

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