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Can A Colorado Marriage and Family Therapist Help Determine the Health of My Marriage?

Do you ever wonder how you can determine how healthy or good your relationship is? If so, a Colorado marriage and family therapist may be able to help you. Your counselor can help you to spot problem areas in your marriage and find ways to address them. With the counselor’s help, you can determine how happy you both are with your relationship. You can also figure out where you can make some improvements. Here are just some of the areas to consider. 

Overall Happiness

In general, are you happy with your life? This is one area that many people use to judge whether their marriages are healthy and happy. If you’re happy with your extended family, your work or other factors, you may assume everything is good.

Coping With Bad Times

Sometimes, people look for evidence of a happy marriage in the way they handle bad times. When couples are coping with difficult periods in their lives, they may assume their relationships are healthy. If you assume your partner is there for you through problems and grief, your marriage is a healthy one.

Having Fun With Each Other

Couples who enjoy each other’s company and do activities together may think their relationships are healthy. If you and your partner take exciting vacations together and enjoy fun dates, your marriage may be happy.

Achieving Together

Some people base their marital happiness on their joint accomplishments. If you have enough money, a nice home, children, and are reaching your goals, your marriage may be healthy.

Feelings or Behaviors

Some people determine the well-being of their marriages based on their feelings. Do you feel loving and positive toward your spouse? Do you feel as if your spouse loves you? If so, you may feel your marriage is working well.

Others base their interpretation of marital happiness on behaviors. If your spouse is helping with the household chores and giving you attention, you may have a happy marriage.

Usually, both behaviors and feelings determine the good health of your relationship. If you help each other, you will probably feel more lovingly about each other. 

Determining Your Partner’s Thoughts

It sometimes comes as a surprise to people that their spouses have a different view of their marriages’ health. All too often, one partner is happy with the relationship while the other is dissatisfied. It’s important to find out the way your spouse is feeling about your marriage. By doing this, you can set realistic goals for each of you to improve the health of your relationship. A counselor can help you to pinpoint the things that each of you needs to change to improve your marriage. Then, you can begin to address those changes and make your relationship a happier and healthier one.

Seeing a Colorado marriage and family therapist with Flatirons Counseling is a helpful way to address your marital problems. By facilitating an open and honest discussion, your counselor can help you address your issues. As a result, your marriage can become a healthier and more positive one.