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11 Problems That Marriage Counseling in Erie, CO, Could Help You to Resolve

There are many reasons that couples seek marriage counseling in Erie, CO. However, most counselors will agree that there are a few common themes they encounter whenever couples get marital help. Here are 11 of the most frequently seen issues.

  1. Blended Families and Remarriage

After a divorce, it’s only natural to have concerns about remarrying. It isn’t hard to see why. Divorce rates are even higher for subsequent marriages. For couples with children already, blending their respective families may be difficult. Smoothing this transition is something that marriage counseling in Erie, CO, could help with.

  1. Extended Family Issues

In some relationships, the in-laws can represent a serious problem. For some married couples, setting boundaries for extended family members can be a challenge. This is particularly the case in dysfunctional families. Determining the role in-laws will have in your married life is a common problem. A marriage counselor can help couples to identify new strategies for keeping their marriages healthy even with problematic family members.

  1. Mental Health issues

If one person in the relationship struggles with mental health problems, both partners feel the impact. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders take their toll. They can also begin to interfere with your ability to keep your relationship healthy. Counseling can benefit couples in this situation by helping them to learn the best ways to deal with their problems.

  1. Grief

There are many types of grief. You may be grieving a child’s or parent’s death, a miscarriage or the loss of any loved one. In every case, your marriage can take a hit. Marriage counselors can help couples to work together through their grief issues, so they won’t tear their relationships apart.

  1. Physical Health Problems

Many people underestimate the impact that physical health can have on a marriage. When couples get older, they may suffer from a decline related to aging. This can affect their daily activities, as well as their intimacy. Some couples experience accidents or significant illnesses. This causes a sudden and significant change in their relationships. When one person in the relationship can no longer help around the house or work, marital problems can ensue. Counseling can help to address this.

  1. Addiction

One of the most common reasons for seeking counseling has to be an addiction. While most people think of alcohol or drugs when they think of addictions, there are other, less obvious addictions, too. Gambling, sex or even shopping addictions can have a major impact on a couple’s relationship. In such cases, marriage counseling is a good first step. Other therapies may also be necessary to combat addiction.

  1. Infidelity

One major reason for couples coming to marriage counseling is to deal with infidelity. Trying to recover from one partner’s affair can be difficult without support. Marriage counseling can help you to determine whether your marriage is worth saving. It’s also a good opportunity to work through any emotions, feelings, or trust issues that are affecting your relationship.

  1. Changes In Lifestyle

If you have been through a major lifestyle change, it can put serious pressure on your relationship. If you’ve recently changed careers, had a baby or relocated to a different city, your relationship can feel the effects. A marriage counselor can help you to identify your expectations. Then, he or she can help you work through the changes for a smoother transition.

  1. Disagreements Around Parenting

Having children presents several issues for couples. If you disagree on parenting issues with your partner, conflict can be the result. Parenting philosophies and discipline strategies are common points of contention in a marriage. Marriage counseling can help both partners learn how to work together instead of against each other. As a result, you and your children can be happier.

  1. Communication Issues

Being able to communicate effectively within a relationship is key to a happy marriage. Yet, if couples are struggling to talk to each other, everything becomes harder. Resolving conflicts, making decisions, and solving problems all become major sources of stress. Marriage counseling helps couples to develop new communication skills so they can better manage all the areas of their relationships.

  1. Falling Out Of Love

It’s common for couples to seek marriage counseling if they feel that their relationships have gone stale. Couples commonly tell their counselors they no longer feel “in love” with their partners. Marriage counseling is an excellent way for each partner to learn new strategies. That way, he or she can strengthen his or her bond. It can also help to rekindle that spark that brought the couple together in the first place.

Getting Marriage Counseling In Erie, CO

Here at Flatirons Counseling, we are here to help couples like you who are struggling in your relationships. Whichever of the above problems apply to you, we can offer you the guidance you need.